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List of Classmates (199 total; 27 can be contacted; 47 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Linda Sue Adams [Dillon]        
Mary Rebecca Aiken [Dolbow]   email    
Vincent Edward Anderson        
Christopher G. Applegate        
Millard F. Arrington, Jr.     08/23/2007  
Rosemary Baccino [Biondi]   email    
Joseph Robert Baily     07/25/2018  
Suzanne Barber [Edgar]     07/30/2018  
Christine Sarlo Barrett [Carter]        
Johanna Bernard [Keltie]        
Deanna Irene Bernardon [Wagamon]        
Delores Bertogli [Ely]        
Frederick Joseph Biondi        
James William Bishop        
Thomas Bradford Bishop t   06/02/2011  
Gloria Joan Blair [Sharp]        
Patricia B. Blevins [Cornette]   facebook    
Robert Charles Blittersdorf        
Gerald Lee Boddy        
Charles Joseph Boswell        
John Kenneth Bowman     10/23/1993  
Calvin L. Boyden     07/05/1985  
Franklin Boyer, Jr.     03/16/2008  
Richard David Breen   email,facebook    
Larry E. Brewer        
Robert James Brison     01/09/2011  
Charlotte Patricia Brown        
Thomas Joseph Brown   email    
Joseph Michael Callahan     06/23/2006  
Pauline Marie Camorano [Troilo]        
William Louis Caputo, Jr.        
Michael Censurato   email    
David Gardner Chardavoyne        
James Scott Chisholm        
Virginia Dyanne Cleveland [Gerhardt] t   04/19/2019  
Diana L. Cocciolone [Whitney]   email    
Paula Marie Cocciolone     07/09/2014  
Linda S. Cordivano [Brooks]        
Charles Shelton Cramer, Jr.     06/11/2019  
Linda Lee Crossan        
Michael Francis Curtin        
Maria R. DaBundo [Caputo]        
Audrey Daiuta        
Joseph P. Dampman        
Nicholas J. D'Antonio   facebook    
Loretta Carol Davenport [Taylor]   facebook    
Edward James Davidson     09/06/2015  
James Ronald Davis, Jr.        
Raymond Lewis Dennison        
Harold Richard Detwiler     07/01/1974  
Joseph Dickinson        
Albert Michael DiFilippo        
Rosemary Elizabeth DiFilippo        
Barbara Ann Dilworth [Glick]        
Mary Antoinette DiNorscia [Atkins]        
Ruth Ann Dorsey        
Kathryn Lee England [Pia]     10/23/2002  
Eugenia Marie Feliciani [Lamb]        
John David Felton        
John Carol Field        
Deborah Ellen Fulton [-Helmer]   facebook    
William Jefferson Gault        
Frederick Earl Germond        
Christopher George t      
Gloria A. Glaze [Brown]        
Lauren Jean Goddu [Menard]        
Thomas Herbert Goodwin     05/17/2002  
Shirley Ann Gouge [Arters]   facebook    
Kathleen Ann Grady [Bachtle]        
Edward Robert Graves, Jr.        
Carol Ann Graziano [Hackman]        
James Alfred Gregg        
Libby Sharon Gregg [Lewis]        
Linda Sue Griffin [Groff]        
Helen Sidney Griffith [Collins]     03/05/2008  
Christine Grimes [Brooks]        
Jeffrey Alan Haber   facebook    
Sallyann Hannahs [Harne]        
John R. Hempton x   10/19/1965  
Nancy Lee Henderson [Sagers]        
Julie Ann Hobson [Joy]        
Gloria Jean Hunt [London] x      
Alice Ann Ironside [Mariott]     06/02/2010  
James Jacot     07/21/1975  
Glenn Dwight Johnson        
Mary Lou Johnson [Phillips]        
Stephen Howard Johnson     07/18/2018  
Sandra Marie Johnson [Stanley]     07/03/2018  
Susan Johnson        
Thomas Lee Kreps        
Marian Yvonne Lewis [Martelli]     11/01/2006  
John Murl Lindecamp        
Howard S. Lindecamp     08/30/1967  
Susan Lillian London [Beamer]        
Norman Lawrence Love, Jr.        
Mario John Lunatici     03/20/2011  
Robert F. Lynch        
Charles E. Madron   email    
Wanda Mahaley [Buonamici] x      
Marilynn Elizabeth Evans Mair [Davis]        
Susan Louise Maisel [Ortaldo]        
Peter Paul Malchione   facebook    
Stephen Daniel Manley, Jr.        
Thomas Edwin Manley        
Ernest A. Marenco, Jr.        
John Albert Marrone, Jr.     12/03/1982  
Jo Ann Mary Marson        
Ernest P. Martelli        
Glenn Martin Masiello        
Samuel Fred Mattson   send letter    
Annie Ruth Maxwell     10/24/2019  
Herbert LeRoy Maxwell     06/12/2017  
Linda Irene Maxwell [Milbourne]     05/28/2000  
Rosanne McComsey     10/24/2013  
Sandra Lynn McDowell [Craine] x      
Diane Elizabeth McGeehan [Combs]        
Clifton Morton McKee     07/17/2009  
Sharon Ann McMahon [Journey]   email,facebook    
Sheila M. McMahon        
Paul Randolph Mehne     09/14/2015  
Sherry Lynn Messick [Albert]     04/20/2015  
George Robert Miller   email   view news
Margaret Anne Miller        
Carol Elizabeth Monk [Stevens]        
Norman Moody        
Robert Wayne Moore        
Michael Anthony Moran x   07/04/1984  
George Larry Morrissiey        
Deborah Jane Muhlenberg [Roselle]        
Stanley Nathan Murrey   facebook    
Vivian Ruth Nance [Horner]   email    
Peggy Jean Neill        
Barbara Jane Newell [Steel]        
Michael Francis Norris, Jr.   facebook    
Lewis Lyndon Palmer        
Gary Allen Parsons     07/13/1969  
Sharon Elizabeth Pennington [Hendrickson]        
Robert John Perkins        
Barbara Lee Peters [Fitzgerald]        
Shirley Ann Peters [Melendez]     01/07/1999  
Meldora Ann Phipps [-Chenery]        
Randy G. Phipps        
Thomas Ray Poe, Jr.        
Margaret Ann Polk [Marenco]        
Norma Jean Price [Wood]        
Norma Joan Pugh [Closs]        
Dennis Woodward Reagan        
Larry Niles Reece        
Charles Frederick Reese        
Rosemary Cheryl Reid [-Davis]        
Linda Stephanie Reinbold [Porrier]        
John William Richards        
Charles Ronald Roeser        
Janine Rupert [Calvarese] x   02/26/2010  
Kathleen Ruth Sassaman [Reneger]     02/06/2011  
Patricia Jane Sedlak [Force]        
Nancy Sepulveda        
Michael Albert Sharp     12/04/2014  
Brenda Kathryn Sharpe     11/24/2009  
Mary Elizabeth Sharpless [Davis]     10/25/2012  
Robert Charles Shiel        
Nancy Diane Shupe [Thompson]        
Sandra Elaine Spencer     06/10/2008  
Thomas Warren Springer        
Carol Stein [Millot]   facebook    
Patricia Lynn Sterner [Johnson]        
Victoria Ann Tavoni        
Cheryl Louise Taylor [Salvato]        
James Pierson Taylor        
Ronald Newell Taylor   email    
William Converse Taylor     09/13/2017  
Marlene Joan Testa [Brown]   email    
John Robert Thomas   facebook    
Richard Stephen Tice     11/20/2013  
Sharon Ann Tolton [Anderson]        
Julia Ann Townsend [Emory]        
Arthur William Turpin        
William Wendell Ulkloss, Jr.        
William Henry Underwood, Jr.        
Claire Marie Viarengo [Gray]        
Conrad Wilhelm Vogelsang        
Helen E. Walls        
Jane Frances Walton [Peters]        
Reginald Venus Watson        
Kenneth Arthur Webb        
John Cyrus Weisgerber        
Jonathan Edward Wilfong        
Catherine Jane Wilkinson [Petrucci]        
Charles Leon Wilkinson        
Patricia Anne Wilkinson [Springer]   email    
Herbert LeRoy Wilson (see Herbert Maxwell)     06/12/2017  
Thomas R. Wilson        
Gayle Angela Winters        
Leela Ann Winters [Thomas]        
Wayne Terrance Winters     08/11/1979  
Margaret Ellen Wollaston [Empet]        
Audrey Anne Wright [Purcell]   facebook    
Carol Sue Wyatt [Walsh] x   11/15/2018  
Mary Louise Young [Tabo]   facebook    

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