Contacting an Alumnus

The 'Contact Info' column in the table of class names has four possible entries (some entries are not present on every  page):

blank No contact information is available.
email E-mail address is known.  Send an email to, along with the name and class of the person you want the email to be forwarded to.  We will forward the email (note: the person receiving the email will then know your email address).
facebook Click on the link to be connected with the classmate's facebook page (you must have a facebook account for this to work)
send letter An e-mail address is not available, but a (hopefully) current address is known.  Mail a letter to:

      Name_of_Classmate, Class of YYYY
      c/o Kennett High School Alumni Association
      P.O. Box 102
      Kennett Square, PA  19348

and the Alumni Association will forward the letter.  Please include a phone number with your return address in case we have any questions.  It may take a week or two before your letter is sent.

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