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  • Monday's meeting was cancelled (KHS was closed)
  • Please join us at our next meeting, MAY 4, at 7pm for socializing and to hear "The Bud Pierce Story", presented by Bud Pierce, KHS 1944.  Click here for details.
  • Thanks to all who braved the cold to show up at the January 5 meeting.  Due to a power outage, the school was locked, and a very brief meeting was held outdoors.
  • Thanks to Bob George (KHS 1964), who discussed highlights from his 50th reunion at our November 3 meeting.  Their reunion booklet is one of the best ever produced!
  • Support the Kennett Athletic Boosters.  Click here for details.
  • Did you play or coach KHS Boys soccer or know someone who did?  If so, click here.
  • Interested in Jane Dolinger (KHS 1950) and Larry Abbott's biography?  If so, click here.
  • One reunion is planned for 2015.  Please send us your reunion plans!  Click 'Scheduled Reunions' for current listings.
  • Deaths recently added to website (** denotes a very recent addition).  Married names, if know are in [].  See 'Deaths' pages for full listing of the 2,743 deaths that we know about.
    • Marian Wilson Bernard [Lewis], KHS 1939, died February 16.
    • **Anna Theresa DiNorscia [Berardi], KHS 1939, died February 3.
    • Alfred J. Cocciolone, Jr., KHS 1940, died January 28.
    • Teresa A. Catena [Vincenti], KHS 1942, died January 24.
    • John McLaughlin, Jr., KHS 1956, died January 17.
    • Frances Mary Baccino [Pia], KHS 1948, died January 14.
    • Steven Philip Boddy, KHS 1963, died January 12.
    • Pauline Estelle Luby [Brown], KHS 1952, died January 10.
    • Vivian Eleanor Johnson [Smith], KHS 1941, died January 3.
    • Mary Catherine McMillan [Keith], KHS 1949, died January 2.
    • F. Ronald McDonough, KHS 1956, died December 23.
    • Nancy Louise DiFilippo [Kimble], KHS 1954, died December 19.
    • Gladys Marie Eggers [Vattilano], KHS 1978, died December 18.
    • Wanda Winifred Edmondson [Marine], KHS 1945, died December 13.
    • Betsy Thompson [Turner], KHS 1945, died December 11.
    • Michael Albert Sharp, KHS 1966, died December 4.
    • Phyllis Jannette Bailey [Martin], KHS 1939, died December 2.
    • Steven Clay Engle, KHS 1982, died November 25.
    • William Benjamin Brower, KHS 1965, died November 22.
    • E. Victor Pesce, KHS 1956, died November 11.
    • Esther DiGuiseppe [DiAngelis], KHS Cafeteria, died November 7.
    • John Jackson Woodward, Jr., KHS 1957, died November 1.
    • **Nancy Polk [Wilcox], KHS 1949, died October 19.
    • **Dorothy Louise Faulkner [Quinn Murphy], KHS 1948, died November 15.
    • **David Michael Ruggieri, KHS 1982, died September 1.
    • **John Hamilton, KHS 1944, died January 24, 2013.
    • **Norman T. Himmelein, KHS 1955, died October 20, 2010.
    • **Mary Blanche Pyle [Brammer Absh], KHS 1933, died August 28, 2010.
    • Click here for all 201 changes since January 12, 2015 (ordered by date).
    • Click here for all 201 changes since January 12, 2015 (ordered by class).

Anyone who has attended the high school, even for one year, is an alumnus.

Own a piece of history!  Click here to order your replicas of the Kennett High School and the History Station.


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