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  • A Big Thank You to Lee Paynter and Ric Gillespie for their Nov. 2 presentation about "Searching for Amelia Earhart".  Rick is the executive director of TIGHAR (The International Group for Historical Aircraft Recovery), and Lee is a member of its Board of Directors.  After the presentation, Ric gave the KHSAA a copy of his 2006 book Finding Amelia: the true story of the earhart disappearance. Here are some links that provide further information about their work:
  • Attention all KHS choir alumni who had Richard Kuiawa as a teacher.  A September 4th 2016 reunion for choir alumni, their families, and friends is planned. Please email: for more information.  Facebook users may search under "KHS Choir Reunion Kuiawa" to submit a friend request.
  • Thanks to Karl Bennett (presenter) and all who came to our September 14 meeting ("Gorbachev and Putin: a view from Moscow").  At least six of those in attendance had visited Russia, and we had a lively discussion.
  • Thanks to all who made our July 18 indoor picnic at Jenners Pond a success.
  • Five reunions are planned for 2015.  Please send us your reunion plans!  Click 'Scheduled Reunions' for current listings.
  • **We are happy to report that Jean Davis [Thomson], KHS 1959, is alive (contrary to previous reports of her death)
  • Deaths recently added to website (** denotes a very recent addition).  Married names, if know are in [].  See 'Deaths' pages for full listing of the 3,082 deaths that we know about.
    • **Marian Ann Campbell [Tavoni], KHS 1943, died November 18.
    • **Colby Lance Casey, KHS 1968, died November 13.
    • **Jane E. Smith [Berube], KHS 1945, died November 8.
    • Lois Jean Buffington [Steele], KHS 1970, died November 4.
    • William Randall Menges, KHS 1947, died November 2.
    • Alexander von der Luft, KCSD School Board (1977-1991), died October 30.
    • Lorraine Irene Brower [Dilley Settle], KHS 1952, died October 24.
    • Walter Menges, Jr., KHS 1945, died October 21.
    • Betty Jane Surgeson [Miller], KHS 1941, died October 21.
    • Mark Douglas Wells, KHS 1968, died October 17.
    • Anthony Tavoni, KHS 1938, died October 11.
    • Manly Joseph Hendrickson, KHS 1945, died October 11.
    • Robert L. Regester, KHS 1949, died October 2.
    • George P. Marine, KHS 1938, died September 25.
    • Ernest Samuel Goss, KHS 1974, died September 23.
    • Gary Lee Plumley, KHS 1977, died September 23.
    • Peter J. Huf, KHS 1977, died September 15.
    • **Paul Randolph Mehne, KHS 1966, died September 14.
    • Karen D. Brownlee [Baccellieri], KHS faculty, died September 14.
    • **Sara Jane Henderson [Wehr], KHS 1945, died September 12.
    • Kevin Bernard Tynes, KHS 1984, died September 11.
    • M. Louise Cloud [Wallner], KHS 1956, died September 8.
    • Edward James Davidson, KHS 1966, died September 6.
    • Russell Dennis Muscarella, Jr., KHS 1969, died September 5.
    • **Sophia Ann Tillman[-Ortiz], KHS 1981, died June 22,, 2015.
  • Recent finds from 2010 through 2014:
    • Oscar Lawrence Hunter, KHS 1974, died October 22, 2014.
    • Sunny Joe Potter, KHS 1974, died October 5, 2014.
    • Robert L. Barrett, Jr., KHS 1961?, died July 31, 2014.
    • **Albert K. Shaefer, KHS 1945, died August 3, 2012.
    • Ward Branning Lambert, KHS 1943, died October 1, 2010.
    • Click here for all 108 changes since Sept. 28, 2015 (ordered by date).
    • Click here for all 108 changes since Sept. 28, 2015 (ordered by class).

Anyone who has attended the high school, even for one year, is an alumnus.

Own a piece of history!  Click here to order your replicas of the Kennett High School and the History Station.


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