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  • This Monday, May 2: Joyce Dennison, KHS 1960, will give a presentation about struggles for Civil Rights in the 1960s. Joyce was one of hundreds of college students who were jailed in Baltimore during protests about segregation policies in local theatres.  Click here for details.
  • Thanks to our KHS Principal, Dr. Jeremy Hritz, for meeting with us March 7 and being part of a spirited discussion covering many topics related to KHS and to his vision for it.  One attendee later remarked that the meeting was "one of the best we've had."
  • Starting with our September 12 meeting, we will experiment with lunchtime meetings.  Suggestions/feedback appreciated.
  • Attention all KHS choir alumni who had Richard Kuiawa as a teacher.  A September 4th 2016 reunion for choir alumni, their families, and friends is planned. Please email: for more information.  Facebook users may search under "KHS Choir Reunion Kuiawa" to submit a friend request.
  • Four reunions are planned for 2016.  Please send us your reunion plans!  Click 'Scheduled Reunions' for current listings.
  • Deaths recently added to website (** denotes a very recent addition).  Married names, if know are in [].  See 'Deaths' pages for full listing of the 3,256 deaths that we know about.
    • **Elwood David Darone, KHS 1968, died April 27.
    • **Peter Joseph Jingeleski, KHS 1984, died April 24.
    • August Joseph DePippo, KHS  1947, died April 22.
    • Edward A. Woodward, KHS 1960, died April 18.
    • Janice F. Seldomridge [Knott-Leibow], KHS 1955, died April 15.
    • June A. Holmes [Milam], KHS custodian, died April 1.
    • Eleanore Lois McKinstry [Andrews], KHS 1938, died March 30.
    • Nancy Ann Young [Helms], KHS 1976, died March 11.
    • Richard Ronald Bonifacino, KHS 1976, died March 6.
    • Scott Douglas Riale, KHS 1982, died March 5.
    • Alan James Thompson, KHS 1958, died February 28.
    • Earl Kenneth Rigler, Sr., KHS 1943, died February 25.
    • Roland P. Ely, Jr., KHS 1945, died February 23.
    • Gail Lynne McMahon [Dolan], KHS 1970, died February 19.
    • Anna Rita Daddezio [Forno], KHS 1947, died February 16.
    • Susie Philomenia Mattoscio [DaBundo], KHS 1942, died February 15.
    • Robert L. Brooks, KHS 1945, died February 13.
    • Mary Elizabeth Leo [Hopkins], KHS 1946, died February 13.
    • Lois Anne Rohlfing [Sands], KHS 1953, died February 12.
    • Clara M. Leo [Gatti], KHS 1943, died February 9.
    • Edith R. Catena [Mammarella], KHS 1936, died February 5.
    • Rose Mary DiProspero [Zoli], KHS 1940, died February 3.
  • Recent finds from 2010 through 2015:
    • Sara Elizabeth Gamble [Gardner], KHS 1951, died March 12, 2015.
    • **Donald Louis Stopp, KHS faculty (1958), died December 15, 2014
    • Howard Kinder Surplus, KHS faculty (1959), died Nov. 12, 2010.
    • Click here for all 30 changes since April 2, 2016 (ordered by date).
    • Click here for all 30 changes since April 2, 2016 (ordered by class).

Anyone who has attended the high school, even for one year, is an alumnus.

Own a piece of history!  Click here to order your replicas of the Kennett High School and the History Station.


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