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List of Classmates (137 total; 13 can be contacted; 29 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Diana Abbondi [Tatman] x      
David Allan Anderson     08/14/1983  
William Bridges Askew, Jr.   facebook    
Richard Charles Bahel        
Mark Robeson Bailey        
Peggy Sue Barlow [Huber]        
Sandra Bazzoli [Reed] x      
Sharon Louise Beck [Mormino]        
John Arthur Bellis, Jr.        
Corinne Elise Blanchet [Flomerfelt]        
Steven Philip Boddy     01/12/2015  
Steven Michael Bohm     11/16/1969  
Joan E. Bonifacino [Bird]   facebook    
Donald Bayard Bouchelle        
Lorraine Boyer [Kinzey]   facebook    
Sherry Brennan [Sharpless Lederer]     05/11/1996  
Paul Brouha, II        
Elizabeth Anne Brown [Hollingsworth]        
Ralph Warren Brown, Jr.     10/27/2007  
George A. Brutscher     10/11/2008  
John Stephen Bryce        
Lois Jane Calhoun [Irwin]        
Robert George Chandler     01/20/1999  
Leslie E. Chappell, Jr.        
Paul A. Chisholm, Jr.        
Frances Gale Cloud [Hopkins-Jones]        
Robert Y. Cooper     10/19/2009  
Deborah Coyle [Crocker]        
Marcella D. Daddezio [Stewart]        
Kristina Webb Darlington        
Walter Henry Davidson     06/03/1998  
Sandra Lee Dent [Nelson]        
F. Marie Destafney [Dunn]        
Lawrence E. Dickinson, Jr.        
Felice DiJoseph [Neal]        
Margaret Louise Dockstader [Seidel]        
Joseph Gerard Donohoe, Jr.        
Patricia Virginia Donohoe [Neely]        
Dolores Ann Draper [Christie]        
Gerald Franklin Dunn        
Polly Van Loon Easton d   02/21/1962  
Theresa Falcone [Watson]        
Georgia Marie Fassett [Brutscher]        
Linda Faulkner [Sharp Bonsall] x   04/17/2019  
Barbara Feliciani [Lawrence]        
Robert Edward Ferguson, Jr.        
John Michael Ferrier        
James J. Fiore        
Doris Anna Ford [Wilkinson]        
Paula Forssmark [Werber] x      
James Elchard Garland x   02/21/2020  
Selma Jane Germond [Hudson]        
Charles Henry Glasco x   03/13/2017  
Earl J. Glasco     03/14/2012  
Arlene J. Goodwin   email    
Judith Thompson Grant [Lewis]        
William Pennock Green        
Curtis Stacy Greer        
Marie B. Guerrina        
Barry Keith Hambleton        
Janice Elaine Herman [DiOrrio]   email    
Stephen D. Hollingsworth     12/23/2016  
J. C. Holman, Jr.     01/01/2003  
Rodney Crosson Holsinger t   11/20/2017  
George Fredrick Holton, Jr.        
Ivars Jaunakais   facebook    
Karen B. Johnson [Urioste]        
Norma Irene Johnson [Cole]   email    
Charles D. Jones        
Frances E. Leo [Kunkle]        
Charles Hunter Lewis     03/09/1978  
Mary Lou Marson [Madron]        
Lowell Baily Martin   email   view news
Margaret Sandra Mason [Scarlett] x   08/23/2019  
Robert James McGuire     09/03/2004  
Joyce Ann Meadowcroft [Magonigal]   facebook    
Irene J. Meredith     09/23/2016  
Judith Margaret Millard [Mead]   email    
James Curtis Miller        
John Eugene Miller        
Kenneth H. Miller     01/28/2004  
Patsy Miller [Sexton] x      
Richard B. Miller, Jr.        
Velma Mae Moody [Carrey Brackin Speakman] x   10/30/1982  
Ronald H. Moore        
Evelynne H. Morrison [Pranka]        
David Francis Nilan        
David Harold Noznesky        
John Richard Ortaldo        
Shirley Ann Osborne [Pierce]        
Thomas Jerry Osborne        
Elizabeth A. Ott [Fritch]        
Richard James Paisley        
Susan K. Paterson [Gebelein]        
Carole Ann Patterson     02/22/2009  
Carole Elaine Peirson [Lemire]        
Jannett Dare Pennington [Caldwell]        
Francis Perrotti     03/29/2010  
Linda E. Pizzini [Johnson]        
David E. Powell        
Mary Louise Quaglia        
Peter Riepnieks        
Henry M. Roberts        
Katherine Marie Roberts [Wood]        
Carolyn Elizabeth Roser [Kinloch]        
Jay S. Rupert, III     07/30/2014  
Bernardine Rzucidlo        
Paul A. Scheer        
Peter Henry Schroeder        
Brinton Maurice Seldomridge        
Patricia Shaw [Gardner] x      
Bettie Louise Smallwood [Hillman]        
Carol Ann Smith [Fry]        
Marilyn Joyce Smith [Chisholm]        
Robert Chapman Williams Smith        
Peggy Sue Snyder [Stella]        
Linda Lee Springer [Carlin]        
Mary M. Sproat        
Betty Sturgill [Nead] x      
Joan Anne Swanson [Johnson]        
Anthony Talamonti     08/26/2017  
Macrina A. Tamayo        
Bettie Lou Taylor [Epler]        
James Grant Taylor        
Jayne Louise Taylor [Richter]        
Lynn E. Taylor [Meyer]        
Michael David Testerman        
Samuel Richard Thomas, Jr.        
Jean Louise Todd [Jims]   email    
Kenneth Harold Vandegrift   email   view news
Thomas Robert Walsh x   06/19/1987  
Judith Ann Warfel [Hart]        
Jan Noel Weightman [Morgan deLeeuw Hey] x   02/03/2017  
Lawrence E. Wilkinson        
James F. Woods, Jr.        
Ruth Elizabeth Woodward [Krebs]        
Elien Young   email    

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