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List of Classmates (124 total; 9 can be contacted; 23 have died)
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Donna Lorraine Aiello [Donatelli]     07/20/2016  
Sharon D. Alexander        
Diane Elaine Amberg [Silverman]        
Charles Herbert Archer        
Nancy Ware Atkinson [Guevara]   email    
Sarah Ida Mae Austin        
Matthew Garfield Bailey        
Elizabeth Anne Balthis [Hull]        
Kenneth Barker        
Elisabeth Bright Bechtold [Speakman]   email    
Barry Irey Beck        
Carolyn Lee Becker [Palmatary]        
Charles A. Bemis        
Michael James Bird        
Mary Elizabeth Bishop        
Thomas Bonifacino     07/20/2015  
Donald Clarke Boughton, Jr.        
Barbara Ann Bowman        
Joan Marie Boyd [Davis]     05/19/2012  
Marcia Terrell Bryce [Phelps]        
Mary Ann Buffington [Pry]        
Betty Jane Calhoun [Hughes]        
John Edward Campbell        
William P. Chandler, Jr.        
Jacqueline Ruth Clifton   email    
Mary Kathleen Conner        
Robert H. Cook     09/01/1997  
Janet Abbie Cox [Badders]        
Leora Elizabeth Daniels        
Brenda Frances Davidson [Steele]        
Lois Elaine Deckman [Egan]        
Gloria Margaret DePuy [Swan]        
Wayne DeSanto        
John Donahue        
Maxine Ella Driver [Mayo]   email    
Janet Kay England [Baccino]        
Jane Fahey Farquhar [Burrows]        
Christina Filomena Fazio [Powell]        
Frances D. Ferranto     04/16/2018  
Barbara Lawrence Fisher [Davis]        
Doris June Foster [Thomas]     09/05/1997  
Robert Stevens Fuller        
Joyce Elaine Gamble [Stone]        
Alfonso Glasco        
Paul Richard Goode, Jr.        
Jerry Vance Greer     08/29/2013  
Linda Marie Groves [Edlin]        
Robert Oliver Groves     05/26/1985  
Shirley Ann Guididas [Farquhar]        
Pamela Marie Hannahs [Doerschuk]        
Alfred Virgil Hazzard     01/11/2000  
John Bartram Heald        
Ari Henrik Helenius        
Walda Elizabeth Hempton [Romero]        
Martha Katherine Hodges        
George W. Hollingsworth        
John David Hollister        
Joab Cary Jackson        
Mary Claire Jackson [Stevens]        
Edward Lewis Johnson        
Sandra Elease Lee        
Karen M. Leto [Regn]     11/07/2011  
Helen Louise Lipfird [Boyer]        
Margaret Sue Mahaffey [Wheat]        
Sandra Kay Manley        
William John Maslanka, Jr.        
Edvige Maria Mastrippolito        
Albert Mattioni     11/22/1993  
Frederick O. Maxwell        
Jamma Leigh Maxwell [Bladen]     02/15/1998  
Chris H. May        
Helen Mary McCauley [Helfrich]     07/02/2017  
Robert Michael McClellan        
Robert M. McLaughlin     03/30/2007  
Sara Chandler Merrick     04/26/1970  
Zora Helen Messimer        
Helen Dianne Middleton [Browne]        
Jean Frances Moore        
David W. Morse        
Stella Frances Munday [Feely]        
James Henry Neely     12/03/1999  
Mary Ann Rosalie Norris [Hartley]        
Virginia Sue Osborne        
John Palcso        
Francis Passante, Jr.        
Edward C. Peirson d   07/16/1960  
Betty J. Pennington [Sapp]     04/28/2019  
Jane Antionette Perrone [Bazzano]   email    
Marc David Pevar        
Stephen David Pizzini        
Robert Edward Reece        
Laura Reeves [Riale]        
Stephany Lynn Resnick [Kaplan]        
Elvin James Ressler        
Kenneth R. Riale        
Donald Roberts        
Rita Rosans [Golts]        
Constance E. Rupard [Bonaventure]     01/13/1998  
Marion Lee Scherer [Marine]   email    
Michael Seibert        
Mary Lou Sexton [Fieni]   send letter    
Patricia Lee Sexton [Reiter]        
Katherine Loraine Shupe [Barnes]        
John Irvin Snodgrass, Jr.        
Donald Morton Steele        
Bertha Stella Stitzel [Hamm]     02/23/2012  
Judith Ann Surgeson        
Carole Diane Swayne [Weller]        
Jeffrey Alan Taylor     10/15/2017  
Connie Lou Testerman [Snyder]     03/31/2016  
Charles Fracker Thayer   email    
Mary Ann Thomas [Armstrong]        
Dexter MacArthur Thompson, Jr.   email    
Ronald William Thompson        
Diana Louise Toto [Corona]        
Harry Edwin Vanden, Jr.        
Margaret Vanore        
Evelyn Gay Wallace [Soliwoda]        
Judy A. Walker        
Mary Lou Walls [Christie]        
Christine S. Westfall     12/29/2012  
Theodore Franklin Wilson        
Mabel Ann Wood        
Dorothy Virginia Woods        

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