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List of Classmates (117 total; 17 can be contacted; 27 have died)
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Name [married name] Codes Send message Died News
Joanne Elizabeth Aiello [Caputo]        
Ronald Allaband x   died  
Helen Elizabeth Baily (Betsy) [Mackenzie]   email    
Barbara Ann Barbacovey [Stierle]   email    
John David Bazzano, Jr.        
Susan Bright Bechtold [Baker]        
Marie Ann Biondi [Skelton]     10/18/2009  
Lawrence J. Boyd, Jr.        
Maurice Reynolds Briley, Jr.        
Franklin Joseph Brittingham     08/14/1999  
Parnice Diann Brock [Burns]   email    
Mary Ann Brown        
Ruth Irma Burke        
Fred Bye x   07/16/1984  
Lois Campbell        
Margaret Ann Campbell [Osborne]        
Eileen Grace Caputo        
Ronald George Carter        
William Wise Harold Carter        
Thelma Jean Castle        
Thomas A. Ciuffetelli   email    
Arthur Edward Cordivano        
Barbara Anne Cordivano        
Russell H. Cross, Jr.        
Betty Dampman [Trivette]     11/19/1997  
Karen Alice Darlington [Halstead]        
Joyce I. Dennison        
Rosalee Julia DeSanto [Censurato]        
Stephen Michael DesMarais   email    
Carole Ann DeStafney [Harper]        
Alfonse Anthony DiAngelis        
Carol Dilley [Eggers] x   03/25/2009  
Dante DiUbaldo        
Peter Leslie Donahoe, Jr.        
Daryl Douthat x      
Mark Daniel Dunn        
Barbara Ward Entriken   email    
Charles B. Etheridge        
Charles A. Evans, Jr.        
Lorenzo B. Fazio        
Norma Ferguson [Usilton] x send letter    
Harold H. Field, Jr.     03/30/2000  
Charles J. Fiore, Jr.     05/05/1998  
Edythe Mae Fisher        
Susan Fisher        
Louis Thomas Forestieri, Jr.        
Anne C. Froning [Laboe]        
Michael F. Gallo        
Mary Carrington Gawthrop [Melody]     01/15/2004  
Lloyd Graybeal     04/07/2005  
Eva Mae Greco [Kelleher]   email    
Robert Guthrie        
Sharon Diane Hambleton [Lieber]     12/14/2006  
Barbara Ann Harmon [Kriner]     06/19/1994  
Janet Carol Hartman [Seekins]        
Edward F. Heaton        
Judith Ann Herman        
Harvey Hirsch        
James Joel Hollister        
John Thomas Holton        
Judith Lee Holton        
Lois Irene Hoopes [Scott]   email    
Loretta Dianne Johnson [Biondi]   email    
Mary Lois Johnson        
Neil Clarence Joines     11/01/1992  
Raymond C. Klunk x   05/04/2010  
Arlene Lafferty [Schafferman]     12/06/2004  
Luther William Lipfird, Jr.        
Joyce Lesley Long     08/28/2013  
Reginald Earl Ludwig        
Anthony Malchione x      
Rosemarie Malchione        
Louise F. Maxwell     died  
Marjorie Bernice McCann        
Roy Howard McClain        
Patricia Anne McClay [Mendenhall]     07/10/2014  
Thomas Lee McClellan        
Mary-Lew Meadowcroft [Renninger] x email   view news
Maryanne Medley Hunt [Tillman]     06/26/2010  
Gary A. Michelson   email    
Mary Beatrice Miller        
Janet Helen Myers [Brunette]   email    
Juanita Grace Neely [Pfeifer]   email    
Marcia Jean Newell [Powers]        
Garland Eugene Paisley        
Mary M. Pennington [Willis]     died  
Leon Richard Plankinton        
James Glore Pope        
Edwin N. Probert, II        
Kathryn Elizabeth Pyle        
George Joseph Ralph        
Theresa Marian Rao        
Sandra Jean Ringier [Powell]        
Fay Kathleen Roberts        
Peter Roehsler x   08/27/2011  
Noelle Ann Roser [Dowd]   email    
Clifford Baily Scarlett     04/24/2004  
Katherine Lee Scherer        
Harold G. Sheppheard, Jr.        
Cassio Sigaud, Filho        
Marcia Silverstein        
Patricia C. Smallwood [Garman]     07/13/2013  
Thomas James Snyder     05/28/2000  
Grace Mildred Stoddard [Gagliardi]   email   view news
Robert Lee Taylor, Jr.        
Katherine Marie Videtich        
Karl Richard Vogelsang        
Curtiss Noel Wallace   email    
Marvin Daum Waxberg        
Margaret Virginia Weaver        
Sandra Lou Whitted        
Lowell G. Wood     died  
Edward A. Woodward        
Wayne Suplee Yeatman x   10/06/1998  
Jonathan Young     05/13/2010  
Ramona Virginia Zoccola        
Anthony John Zunino        

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