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List of Classmates (197 total; 15 can be contacted; 37 have died)
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Name [married name] Codes Send message Died News
Evelyn Louise Adams [Mains]        
Bonnie Lew Arden [Robb]        
Robert Arnold x   03/02/2009  
Barbara Lee Arrington [Hyatt]        
Becky Virginia Atkinson [Winslow]        
Richard Wilson Atley        
Dennis Keith Babcock        
Alan C. Bachtle x   08/22/1981  
Robert Charles Badger     07/25/1989  
Gary Wayne Barber        
Larry Edward Barker        
David Bright Bechtold   email    
Arthur Anthony Bernardon        
Mary Lorinda Berndt        
Thomas Richard Bertrando        
Edward Lanny Biello        
Ursula Maria Binder [Vogt]        
Helen Bishop [Powell] x      
Rita Regina Bonifacino [Wooten]        
Joseph Boswell x      
Bonita Marie Breen [Milby]        
Barbara Brennan x      
Robert Ellis Brown        
Thomas A. Brown x   08/29/2001  
Mary Virginia Campbell [Osborne]        
Darrell Wayne Canipe     01/21/2000  
David Carlin x      
Catherine Anne Carozzo [Taylor]        
Otto Francisco Castro        
Christine L. Chandler [Porter] w email    
Janet Loretta Christie        
Robert William Cleveland, Jr.        
Bernadine Joanne Coble [Hamilton]        
Naomi Jane Comer [Brown]        
Sara Ann Cook        
Shirley Cordivano [Madonna] x      
Joseph John Corrado        
Judith Ann Creeden [Hickman]        
Diane Smith Crowell [Odum]        
Lawrence Kolte Daniel        
Ralph Anthony D'Antonio        
Darlene Louise Davenport [Abbondi]        
June Eileen Davidson [Graff]        
Kathleen DePuy [Bauman]        
George Edward DeShields, Jr.        
Anne DeWire [Williams] x      
Joanne Marie DiJoseph   email    
Robert Jackson Dilworth        
Johnita Mae Dorsey [Peterson]        
Richard Anthony D'Ottavio        
Carla Douthat [DeLong] x      
Boyd P. Dunn x      
Joann Carole Dunn [Torello]        
Samuel Eugene Dunn        
Larry Bruce Eastman        
June Marie Ehrhart [Sheets]        
Yvonne Pauline Emerick [Knight]        
Robert Johnson Evans        
William O. Ewing, III        
Louis Ralph Ferranto     03/31/1997  
Billy Field d   died  
Jane Dixon Fisher [Poulterer]        
Susan Deal Fogg [Kulka]        
Mary Louise Froning   email    
Sara Jane Fulton [Christian]        
Clyde James Gallagher, Jr.     01/20/1996  
Theresa Margaret Gallo [Shreffler] x      
Linda Beth Gamble [Shepherd]        
Robert Thornton George   email    
Charles Henry Glasco        
Doris Ann Glasco     01/06/2016  
Mary Anne Gochnauer [Fazio]        
Gary Stephen Goss        
Jonathan Grandine t   04/18/1980  
Joyce Ruby Graybeal        
Frank Robert Guididas, II        
Thomas W. Guthrie        
Roy Haldaway     11/27/1971  
Patricia Elizabeth Hannahs [Moore]   email    
Sara Caroline Hannum [Meadows]        
Deborah Haught [Holmes]   email    
Robert Francis Hempton        
Thomas Joseph Hickey        
William Hall Hickman        
Susan Hinner [Avesian] x      
Alison Hirsch [Wilson]        
Thomas Franklin Hodges        
Calvin Barclay Hoopes, Jr.   email    
Biss Horton        
Ralph Joseph Hunter   email    
Brenda Elaine Ironside [Hughes]        
Linda Raye Irwin   email    
Maria Jaunakais        
David Franklin Johnson        
Sharon Anita Johnson [Smith]        
Robert Steven Kalmbacher        
Linda Margaret Kilmer [Schroeder]        
Fred Roland Koehler x   02/03/1991  
Larry Richard Kreps   email    
Thomas Kunkle t   07/29/1997  
Margaret Linda Leach [Aloisio]        
Joseph Vincent Leo, Jr.        
Gail Levan [Lansdale] x      
Douglas Bernard Lewis        
Judith Ann Lewis [Bush] t email    
Janice Aletha Lockman        
Stephen Robert Loeffler        
Bruce Frank Lott        
Catherine Jane Love [Nagurney]        
Linda Anne Madron        
Robert Edward Manley        
Betty Manuel [Turnbaugh] x      
Henry W. Marshall x      
Roger Alan Marston        
Luke Anthony Martelli        
Betty Maslanka [Owsley] x      
Rosemary Mattoscio [Ragazzo]        
Lynn Henry Maurer     01/24/2004  
Neal Bruns McCann        
David James Meadows        
Richard Lee Michael     06/09/2013  
Jay Middleton x   11/22/2010  
Ann Gould Miller [Masten]        
Dare Miller [Kelly]        
Judy Miller [Pratt] x      
Larry Dean Miller x   10/12/2008  
Henry Hopkins Moore, IV     03/05/1989  
Helen Patricia Moran [Bernardon]        
Stephen Morse x      
Richard Elwood Nead        
Joyce Ann Neely [Jury]     06/18/1989  
Patricia Jo Neill [Dubowy]        
William Nesbitt x   03/26/1995  
Dale Robert Odum        
Linda Sue Osborne [Tipton]        
Arnold Morris Paisley        
Thomas Cleveland Paisley, Jr.        
Paul Cutler Palmer     04/04/1995  
Barry Lee Parsons        
Beverly Sue Parsons [Pettis]        
Charles William Patterson, Jr.   email    
Jennifer Faye Payson [O'Kane]   email    
Rondel Granville Peirson   email    
Raybon W. Pennington     02/02/2000  
Nancy Perrone [Paproth]        
Christine Delores Peters [Bennett]        
Jeanne Ann Peters [Nornhold]        
Linda Carol Petrucci [Wills]        
Clifton Edward Phipps        
Rose Marie Pia [Barber]        
Laura Ilena Pickle [O'Reilly]        
Frank Raimato x      
Charles Lee Ravenell        
Joseph Ray Reece        
Mary Jane Ressler     11/16/1983  
William Charles Riale        
Patricia Jane Roland [Huth]     01/07/2013  
Donald Alan Salisbury        
Judith Karen Sammons     06/03/2010  
Jim Saunders x      
Jessica Savitch t   10/23/1983  
Joseph Richard Scott        
Robert David Scott        
Kathryn Louise Scott        
Mac Shoemaker     04/24/2007  
Janice Shupe [Cook Malinowski Olkowski]     07/08/1998  
Warren Rutherford Smith        
William Henry Smith, III        
Susy Snodgrass [Kuehner] t      
Richard Joseph Stansberry     10/25/2009  
Herbert Steele x      
John Craig Stengard        
Darlyn Mae Stickley [Vestal]        
Ray Donley Stike, Jr.        
Thomas Garriett Still     08/06/2014  
Edwin Robert Stoddard        
Dennis Jerome Sullivan     11/03/1973  
Alethea Jane Tackett [Taggart]        
Ross Lyle Tamblingson        
Phyllis Anne Tavoni [Smith]        
Kenneth Irving Taylor     08/01/2008  
Claudia Jane Tinder [Hidell]        
Lena Ann Toto [Anderson]        
Michael Tunis        
Timothy Christian Tunis        
Sharon Virginia Unruh [Haney]        
Daniel Ray Vestal        
Robert Frederick Vogelsang     08/06/1968  
William Phillips Walter     04/04/2015  
Sharon Jane Walton        
Earl James Warren     11/10/2010  
Jan Noel Weightman [Hey]        
William R. Wells, Jr.        
H. Donald Widdoes     02/19/2012  
Mildred Ann Worrall [Metsis]        
Jackie L. Wyatt x   10/18/2012  
Stephen P. Yeatman x      

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