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List of Classmates (45 total; none can be contacted; 39 have died)
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Erma A. Armstrong [Street]     10/17/1995  
Sara Baldwin [Pyott Smith]     03/20/1980  
Grace Berkstresser [Parkison]     10/1982  
Harriet Bull [McFarland]     02/22/1995  
Norman V. Cochran     05/1971  
Mame Anna Connell        
Walter S. Courson     06/1971  
Paul Wesley Davis     07/18/1960  
Celia Dektor [Herman]     12/1988  
Anna Marie Donahue        
Helen Anita English [Menges]     02/1981  
William Moffit Ewing     12/23/1969  
Irene Elizabeth Friese     07/27/2000  
Mary Gallagher [Dwyer]     10/25/1988  
Alice Galt        
Warren Gillan     11/30/1969  
Mabel Crowell Hagans [Harnish]     11/1980  
Silas Hays     07/24/1964  
Sara Yewdall Jenkins     1965  
Ernest McKinley Jordan        
Gertrude R. Kelleher      
Ralph J. Kinsey     05/02/1966  
Leone Ladley [Taylor]     04/21/1977  
Joseph McMullin     07/23/1979  
Nellie Teresa McTague        
Alice Stinson Montgomery     04/28/1995  
Lydia Emma Moulder [Reed]     04/15/1924  
Elmer H. Murphy     07/20/1968  
Augustus Duer Pierce     04/21/1968  
Charlie Pyle     03/1969  
Courtland Fell Quinby, Jr.     07/07/1988  
Blanche Marie Ridgway [Gray]     04/1985  
Aimee Algera Ross [Dare]     04/1968  
Philip Chambers Scott     12/20/1986  
Ada Wilson Shaw [Adamson]     05/02/1959  
Clarence Dilworth Simpers     09/07/1979  
Florence Strahorn        
G. Anna Strahorn     03/31/1932  
Ruth Evelyn Tanguy [Oliver]     02/13/2000  
Laura Underwood [Tice]     04/1984  
J. Herbert Weir     1945  
Madolyn M. Woodward [Roark]     02/07/1962  
Joseph B. Worth     06/1982  
Robert Harrison Worth     02/06/1993  
Paul Raymond Yarnall     05/1966  

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