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(site last updated September 23, 2016)

  • About 30 people got together Monday, Sept. 12, at "The Market at Liberty Place" for social time with other alumni and friends.  Thanks to everyone who came.  A great time was had by all.
  • Thanks to "The Dixie Demons", Walt & Ellie Paynter, Myrna Fridy, Phil Donohoe, and attendees for making our July 16 annual Alumni Social a rousing success!
  • Congratulations, KHS 2016!  Check out your new class page.
  • Thanks to Joyce Dennison, KHS 1960, will spoke at our May 2 meeting.  She talked about a wide variety of experiences, including the discrimination she faced on her first day at Kennett, her participation in protests during her college years, and her life in the military.  Joyce was one of hundreds of college students who were jailed in Baltimore during protests about segregation policies in local theatres.
  • Attention all KHS choir alumni who had Richard Kuiawa as a teacher.  A September 4th 2016 reunion for choir alumni, their families, and friends is planned. Please email: for more information.  Facebook users may search under "KHS Choir Reunion Kuiawa" to submit a friend request.
  • Seven reunions are planned for 2016/2017.  Please send us your reunion plans!  Click 'Scheduled Reunions' for current listings.
  • Deaths recently added to website (** denotes a very recent addition).  Married names, if know are in [].  See 'Deaths' pages for full listing of the 3,329 deaths that we know about.
    • **Rosemarie Loretta Ranalli [Ferranto], KHS 1957, died September 15.
    • Samuel R. Hendrickson, KHS 1959, died September 9.
    • Patsy Louella Wright [Cloud], KHS 1953, died September 5.
    • Elvera Anna DiBartolomeo [Taylor], KHS 1965, died September 2.
    • Rose Marie Lam [Toney], KHS 1948, died September 1.
    • Joyce Evelyn Norris [Myers], KHS 1948, died August 29.
    • Elizabeth W. Harvey [Futty], KHS 1943, died August 20.
    • Barbara Louise Wilson [Donohoe], KHS 1947, died August 14.
    • Janis Ann Walker, KHS 1961, died August 9.
    • Gerard D. Troilo, KHS 1942, died August 6.
    • Eleanor H. Gallery [Molnar], KHS faculty (1950-1955), died August 4.
    • Alexander James Fidanza, KHS 2003, died July 30.
    • Monroe Livingston Nute, KHS 1972, died July 30.
    • Donna Lorraine Aiello [Donatelli], KHS 1962, died July 20.
    • Edith Rita D'Amico [Ciarrocchi], KHS 1944, died July 19.
    • Mafalda Manfredi [Corrado], KHS 1939, died July 18.
    • John Wiley Paisley, KHS 1998, died July 17.
    • **Elizabeth Ann Briggs [Day], KHS 1949, died July 10.
    • Robert John Dunn, KHS 1947, died July 10.
    • Eva May Campbell [Lake], KHS 1959, died July 3.
    • Bernard Joseph Dougherty, KHS 1974, died June 27.
    • Mary Madden [Scott], KHS faculty (1963-1979), died June 12.
  • Recent finds from 2010 through 2015:
    • **Richard Cecil Cole, KHS 1971, died July 15, 2012.
    • Click here for all 51 changes since July 21, 2016 (ordered by date).
    • Click here for all 51 changes since July 21, 2016 (ordered by class).

Anyone who has attended the high school, even for one year, is an alumnus.

Own a piece of history!  Click here to order your replicas of the Kennett High School and the History Station.


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