Jane Dolinger, KHS 1950

Jane was an adventuress and writer who descended from Ashe County stock.  From the 1950s through 1970s, she traveled the globe with her husband, Ken Krippene, and authored seven books and 200-plus magazine articles about her exotic and sometimes dangerous experiences.

When Krippene died in 1980, Jane slowed the pace of her life, settling in Miami.  In 1990 she remarried, this time a doctor named Alex Gurwood.  When Gurwood died a few years later, she moved to Hendersonville to be close to her sister, Juanita Roark, of Jefferson, NC.

Jane died on September 1, 1995, at the age of 62.

Larry Abbott, University of Pennsylvania, who spoke to the KHSAA in January 2008, has written the biography "Jane Dolinger: The Adventurous Life of an American Travel Writer", which was released August 31, 2010.  He plans on a book signing this year (2011) once the publishers drop the price of the book.

Larry has also created a memorial website (www.janedolinger.org) dedicated to Jane.

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