KHSAA Summer Social
July 15, 2017

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What began eighteen or so years back as a casual "bring your own picnic" at Anson Nixon Park has evolved into a casual buffet catered dinner.

Our event was held at Jenner's Pond Retirement Community on the above date -- the same weekend and location as for a number of recent years.

Seventy two members and guests attended.  I'm labeling it "Entertaining Dinner Social and Reunion" because it was truly all of these.

Our "Entertainment" was provided by the Dixie Demons -- a talented group of six professional musicians all of whom are KHS graduates.  They provided us with an hour of pleasure.

Our "dinner" was the same buffet menu provided that night to Jenner's Pond residents at other dining areas on the JP campus.

"Social" is obvious.  Asking questions and providing answers and table talk was constant.

"Reunion" is a new concept -- tried for the first time this year.  The KHS class of 1952 was invited to use our already-scheduled event for their 65th year reunion.  They were able to enjoy the same amenities as well as a reserved area for the class of '52 attendees.  The Class of '52, eighty three strong at graduation, was reduced to thirty two remaining at July 15, 2017.  Considering the many reasons for inability to attend, nineteen class members did make our event.

Consider having your class reunion in conjunction with the KHSAA Social for a following year.

Walt Paynter '52, Member

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Dixie Demons

Dixie Demons

Dot Peters Ortaldo & Bob Woodward

Eddie Carozzo Leo, Peg Petroll Belt, Dean Belt, Flo DeFazio Graham, Don Graham, Terry Santucci Rowley, Neil Rowley

Mary Lou Sexton Fieni, Anthony Fieni, guest driver for Jim Murphy, Jim Murphy

Eddie Carozzo Leo, Tom Kerr, Peggy Osborne Kerr, Evelyn Ironside Schopfer

Ralph Snowberger, Martha Hannum Potter, Elise Wise Snowberger, Joan Pesce DePoulter, Betsy Grubb Douglass

Nick Teti, Joan Pesce DePoulter, Angie Bartoli Grib, Anna Teti

Walt Paynter, Ellie Spencer Paynter, Jake Kessler, Betty Badger Kessler

Myrna Paynter Fridy & Jere Fridy

Janet England Baccino, Pat Nilan Konitzer, Leonard DiFilippo, Eleanor DiFelice Manfredi, Josephine LaFrance Fragale

Annette Miller Pennington, Alice Crossland Fling, Julie Fling Irons

Grace Neely Pfeifer & Bill Pfeifer

Sue Fassett Woodward & Bob Woodward

Joe & Patsy Miller Sexton, Dot Peters Ortaldo

Miriam Rohr Myers, Dorothy Pannell Mehl, Rosalind Everley Giancola, Nan Sharpless

Pat Farmer, Luci Vincenti Still, Don Farmer, Tom Nilan

Bob & Kay Stoops Leto

Victor Leto, Betty Lysle McDowell, Dorothy Binkley Hartman

Mary Lou DiNorscia Johnson & Bill Johnson, Louis DiFilippo

Karl Bennett & Mary Lou DiNorscia Johnson

Susan Minshall Clark, Edna & Bud Pierce