Vancouier Simon Barrett, KHS 1981


Greeting Alumni,

My name is Van Barrett, and I am a Kennett High School class member of 1981.  I have been married to a beautiful West African lady since 1991, with two wonderful children.  My wife is the daughter of a United Nations Diplomat, and through his connections, it has been made possible for her to start and introduce her company, Ruvanni Inc.

Ruvanni specializes in selling loose Diamonds, Diamond Stud Ear Rings, and Precious Gem Stones.  All Diamonds and Gem Stones are carefully inspected by a certified gemologist.  Diamonds ranging from 1/2 carat and up, come with certification, by law.  Because of the companies direct contact, there is no middle man, which allows a savings to be passed on to the customer at a 50% discounted retail value.

Ruvanni was also featured on Channel 5 Fox News, in Las Vegas, for the discounted prices and quality product.  To view the television feature, go to the web site,  Then, when the home page appears, click where it says Watch the video here.

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