Kennett High School, Class of 1942

Faculty and Administration

Board of Education

     D. Duer Reynolds (died May 31, 1965), President
     Roy G. Jones, Vice President
     J. Walter Jefferis (died Oct. 18, 1952), Treasurer
     Oscar H. Styer (died Jan. 8, 1979), Secretary
     Frank M. Bartram (died March 26, 1956)
     Angelo Bertrando (died April 10, 2000)
     Robert A. Craig
     Ethel S. Crossan (died June 16, 1964)
     Edward D. Hannum (died May 21, 1977)
     W. Milo Jackson (died Jan. 1985)
     John Johnson
     Laura M. Ladley (died Nov. 29, 1958)
     A. Duer Pierce (died April 21, 1968)
     C. Roland Pyle
     John L. Romig (died March 16, 1984)
     Hilborn D. Thatcher
     Clark M. Way
     Lillian Wicks (died Dec. 21, 1969)
     George L. Wilkinson
     Marshall Yeatman (died June 27, 1996)

High School Administration

     W. Earle Rupert (died Nov. 17, 1951), Supervising Principal

High School Faculty

     Anna L. Baker (died Oct. 30, 1998), English
     Mary G. Bilheimer (died May 24, 2000), Science
     Marian H. Boyer, Commercial Studies
     Marshall F. Brinton (died Sept. 1984), Industrial Arts
     Joseph L. Carney (died Feb. 23, 1988), Social Studies
     Robert W. Cope (died May 1984), French and Latin
     Edwin B. Keim (died Dec. 23, 1996), Social Studies
     Leo L. Lawrence (died Sept. 1985), Commercial Studies
     Marjorie S. Lawrence (died Jan. 2, 1992), English
     Mary Lobb (died, date unknown), Household Arts
     Donald McKelvie (died Feb. 12, 1993), Science
     Raymond M. Moynihan (died 1965), Mathematics
     Ray L. Ott (died Oct. 25, 1990), Music
     Charles M. Paynter (died May 14, 2003), Physical Education
     Charles W. Patterson, English
     Roscoe A. Peters (died Nov. 26, 1986), Science
     Howard T. Rayne (died May 30, 1985), Social Studies
     Edna B. Reynolds (died Aug. 7, 1978), Commercial Studies
     Robert G. Struble (died Feb. 15, 1980), Agriculture
     Mildred Styer, Mathematics and English
     Berenice E. Sundel (died Feb. 14, 1997), Physical Education
     Alvin Wakeland (died Jan. 19, 1977), English and Latin
     Hazel I. Wakeland (died, date unknown), Librarian
     Florence Michener Webb (died Aug. 2, 1973), Commercial Studies

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