Kennett High School, Class of 2007

Yearbook Dedication: Mr. Scott Hammel

A smile.  A nod.  A hello.
Simple actions that illustrate the character of a man.  These actions reflect an innate disposition for warmth and compassion.  Whether acting as a pass to class, or brightening a Monday morning, this person puts his all into making Kennett High School a place to be proud of.  Regardless of the size of the task, he has never complained in his daily work.  Students simply glow when describing the help he's offered in opening a jammed locker or buying a candy bar for the senior class fundraiser.  One would never know if he was having a bad day because this man does his job with a smile on his face and a kind word for all.  From him, students and faculty alike are reminded to cherish the small things from which happiness can be attained.  For these reasons, the 2007 Kennetteer is dedicated to Mr. Scott Hammel.

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