Kennett High School, Class of 1971

Yearbook Dedication: Mr. Francis Mochnoc

10 years a teacher at our school.
Mr. Mochnoc still is the lively, controversial spirit he was when he first arrived perhaps even more so.
To spend a period in his class is to experience something emotional:
anger arguments before tests
puzzlement test grades written in Russian
disillusionment finding out what your real test grade was
and laughter when he says your granny could have done better than you!!
Constantly pacing,
emphasizing points with sweeping arm movements,
his hands ghosted by chalk dust,
Mr. Mochnoc is a strong, enthusiastic teacher.
He delights in raiding lavatories and can always be seen standing in a shadowy corner at junior high dances.
According to whom you talk he is a
but always a nice guy.
And so to the Friendly Russian, we dedicate our 1971 Kennetteer.

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