Kennett High School, Class of 1969

Yearbook Dedication: Mr. Walter A. Zale

Students in grades seven through twelve have been taught woodworking and metal crafting by Mr. Walter A. Zale since 1946.  Mr. Zale was graduated from Penn State, where he participated in activities ranging from athletics to Shakespeare.  Before coming to Kennett, Mr. Zale taught at Malvern Junior High School and Willistown High School.  Later he spent three years as a tool designer at Baldwin Locomotive Works.  His career was interrupted by the war, during which time he served for two and a half years in the South Pacific theatre.

We believe that Mr. Zale has contributed a great deal to our education through his guidance and leadership.  For this reason, it is with great appreciation that we, the Class of 1969, dedicate our yearbook to Mr. Walter A. Zale.

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