Kennett High School, Class of 1968

Yearbook Dedication: Doris P. Oyler

In September of 1963, the students of Kennett High School gained a teacher and a friend when Miss Doris Oyler joined the faculty.  With a cheerful smile and an encouraging word, she instructs the business students.

Miss Oyler contributes her valuable time and talents to our school.  In addition to her duties as head of the business of Old Kennett, she once acted as assistant coach for the girls basketball and hockey teams.  Last year she served as chairman of the Prom committee and spent long hours to help make the Junior Prom a success.  She is always near when she is needed encouraging, suggesting, and lending a hand.

In leaving Kennett, we shall have benefited from knowing Miss Oyler as a teacher and friend.

We, the class of 1968, dedicate this Kennetteer to Doris P. Oyler.

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