Kennett High School, Class of 1956

Yearbook Dedication

We’re teenagers and we’re glad of it.  We’re young at heart, fancy-free, and now . . . we are graduating!

As we leave Old Kennett, we look back, savoring the memory of four happy years.  We visualize the twenty-four classes which have preceded us, the long line of citizens who, like us, can claim K.H.S. as their Alma Mater.

Yet, this book is not dedicated only to us, the Class of 1956.  This dedication goes to the spirit within the class, and to the moving force behind, the force of our parents and teachers, who have inspired in us high standards of conduct and a need for mental growth.

We are hoping that this book will be a common bond to join the members of the Class of ’56, providing an effective reminder of our years together at K.H.S.

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