Kennett High School, Class of 2007

Senior Superlatives

Most Humorous: Carson Derr and Regan Jaros

Most Likely to Succeed: Brian Hanson and Linda Magana

Best Dressed: Andrew Outten and Meg Gallagher

Most Athletic: Tim McGarry and Lauren Commodari

Most Secretly Admired: Mac Payne and Kensi Ho

Best All-Around: Jordan McClane and Annie Phillips

Class Couple: Mike Cangi and Katie Perigo

Life of the Party: Eric Johnson and Maura Langley

Most Changed: Lauren Slater and Jon Baird

Most Flirtatious: Harrison Mann and Christen Pizzini

Most Wanted to Bring Home to the Parents: Grayson Sundermier and Colleen Lettich

Best Smile: Greg Norris and Janell Vanarthos

Most Wanted by Administration: Meg Dillow and John Pia

Best Friends: Andrew Mattingly and Katelyn DeBerardinis

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