Kennett High School, Class of 1949

Class Poem

The bells of time have tolled the hour;
The past is but a dream
The future blossoms as the flow’r
By life’s sweet flowering stream.
Tomorrow’s road is long and steep
But what a glorious splendor
To reminisce in moments deep
On cherished dreams so tender.
When each in life our place shall take
To make our own endeavor,
When often how our hearts shall ache
For school days lost forever.
When time has carved her livid mark
Upon us mortal creatures
And shadows fall long and dark
Across our aging features.
When we shall long for bygone days,
For joyful hours together
Before the parting of our ways
Brought life’s most bitter weather.
With every memory of the past
There’s a tear within each heart;
We shall remember till the last
These days from which we part.
Morris Malin


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